Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I've been to the dentists this morning. After being there last week to fix a broken filling i thought i might as well go for a checkup and got the time for today. I almost overslept though! It must be subconcious, i knew where i was going but really didnt want to... ;o)
Anyway i woke up in time and just had a quick youghurt and a brush of the pearly whites before biking there as quickly as i could. I got in and the dentist had a good poke around and a scrape or two, also took some x-rays. But no matter how much he poked he couldnt find anything to fix. Im very relieved about that! I hate drilling, its scary! I feel so sorry for Paul who has just pulled out a tooth, i have only done that once since one of my wisdoom(!) teeth decided to grow outward into my cheek. But mine never broke, still it was the biggest tooth i've ever seen with a double root. Yeuch....

So, what to do on my day off. James is sleeping, and snoring mind you, so must be very very quiet. Maybe i will go into town a bit early and do a bit of shopping before heading of to grans. Yes it is once more granny day! Other then that i dont know what to do with today. Mind you it is lovely out there so i might lure James out a bit earlier ,if he isnt too tired that is, and go for a long bike ride.

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