Thursday, September 19, 2002

I dont like when you cant blog, Blogger was being really silly yesterday so i didnt bother with trying to get in. Work yesterday was exhausting. I dont think i would like to work full time like that. Maybe when i was younger, but now, no way in hell...
I fell asleep before James got back from work and that is unusuall.

Part from work being a bit of a drag nothing really interesting happend at all. I finished burning this cd im going to send Jessica. And i managed to figure out all by myself how to do the cd cover as well. It got a quite cool picture of a white tiger on it. Well it had to be didnt it since i am the Divine Tigs.... ;o)

Am off to work soon, hopefully it will be calm and i might be able to sneak home early, but i suppose i really shouldnt be doing that, my boss might get the wrong idea and give me lesser hours if i keep at it.
No reply about the other job i applied for yet. Not that i was expecting any either, but a little note saying we received your application would be nice to get. Im not so sure they got it you see, but they must have!

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