Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Fast forward a week!

Yikes time does fly. But still nothing really important or worthwhile mentioning has happened. Well not to me but its another story with James.

Guess who got up at 4 and went to work the wrong Monday? *giggle*
At least he had an excuse for going, he was making sure he took the right taxform they requested off him.. I felt sorry for him though for going there after a few restless hours of sleep only to be sent home and have yet 7 days until he gets to know more about the work. He was more like a zombie then anything the rest of the day. Why he got up so early? Well he has to catch the bus to Borlänge at 5.40 if he is to be on time at 7 since we don't have a car, yet I might add. My sister has bought a new car and wondered if we were interested in having their old Mercedes, which we are even though it is a rust bucket it runs well and passed its MOT just months ago. So as soon as they get their new one we will be taking a trip down to Gothenburg to collect it. Reminds me, I have to get in touch with the chairman of our housing association and get a parking spot You know what my sister calls their car? Gamla Bettan - Ol' Betsy...

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