Wednesday, June 09, 2004

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So the nutter(oh sorry, my dear husband) has finally run his marathon and it went very well I thought considering how little training he had after starting his new job. I am very proud over him for doing it in 4h 42 min. And I am very proud over myself for not getting totally lost in Stockholm trying to follow him around the course. But please, why do they have to have several events going on at the same time?! There was a sailing race on and an outdoor foodfair going on as well. It was thick with people everywhere you went and the subways were overcrowded on the stations that were linked to the race course. I suppose it wasn't just me who had the brilliant idea of following the runners via the subway.
It was a brilliant day out even though I had fretted muchly the night before about getting there in time and finding our way from where we parked our car. And driving in Stockholm is never nice, too many cars and too damn pushy drivers! But it all went very well.

Part from the marathon nothing much is happening, still awaiting to get to know when we can have my sisters car, it is more likely now in 2 weeks time then to the weekend which we were hoping for. But that is alright since James don't have any more late shifts that there aren't any buses to get home with. At least we know that we can borrow mum's car. But it is so much hassle since I have to get up bright and early the next morning to collect my mum and drive her to work.

The allotment is going very well. We had some much needed rain last night and quite a lot of it as well. Am going up there later today to have a look if there is weeding to be done now that everything is springing up like there's no tomorrow. The seeds that James' dad got us is doing very well, even the pea's that where from the previous season are coming up in mass. It will be interesting to see how high the dwarf beans will grow and also if the wigwam we got for the runner beans will be tall enough. Broccoli that actually is broccoli is doing well as is the tomato bushes. Don't know how the sweet corn are doing though, never grown those so haven't got a clue how they should look like if they are doing well. The only disappointment is that the flower seeds, part from the marigolds, are not showing. Not even the sweetpeas I soaked in water before sowing are showing and it is at least 2 weeks since! The lily's I bought last year and planted aren't coming up either.. Don't know what's wrong, I even carefully checked that they were still there so no one had nicked them! Hopefully they will come up, I bought them as crimson red in to varieties one with freckles and one pure red. Thought they would look gorgeous with the dark lilac iris that are budding soon but no luck there. I will just have to wait and see what happens with them. But now i got to get on with my house cleaning, need to race around with the vacuum a bit and get clothes and other bits off to where they belong.

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