Friday, August 06, 2004

Shit shit shit!

I just worte a mega blog and i had an error msg when publishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am NOT rewriting it!



Elle said...

Oh Maria, I just hate when that happens. I've had it happen so often in the past that I'll actually copy everything I've written to the clip board before hitting post. It's so demoralising when frantic typing gets lost in the cyber-ether, eh?

Maisey said...

Hi Guys..
oops Maria, I hate that too! Got the card, thank you both for your kind thoughts..
Have you been able to access my blog since I moved it?

Green Trabant said...

I had that happen just last week with Blogger. But I think when I re-wote the story, it came out better. Sorry for you...

Maisey said...

Hi Maria..I want to leave a message here for Pauline..or if you are talking to her..I got her email, work one..I tried replying but it came back!
'Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied' Ahhh!
I tried 4 times. Have no idea what or why...
Is there another email I can use?