Thursday, October 21, 2004

I think I feel a bit older, yes definitely older and grayer since I had my birthday last Wednesday. That is why I went to the hairdressers yesterday and got everything done. And I mean everything, got me some nice curls then toned them in a nice dark brown/red color, a touch up of the hairstyle and I did my eyelashes darker as well. Saves you from putting on mascara every day and not needing to worry about it running in this awful autumn weather we've been having. Rain and rain and some more rain for the weekend. Where did the nice, cold, crisp frosty mornings go? They used to turn into lovely golden sunny days just begging you for long walks. I wouldn't walk more then absolutely necessary outside right now, anybody for some driving rain, just borderlining sleet?

I had a very nice birthday and didn't open all my pressies straight away since I had loads to do on that day. The phone kept on ringing all afternoon with people sending me Happy Birthday wishes and I had lots of nice pressies, thank you all! My mum came over for dinner and I had a cake with one, yes ONE candle in it. No need to point out that I'm 32 now is there..oops!
Oh well, I'm not any different from when I was 31, or so at least I'm trying to convince myself!

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