Sunday, March 05, 2006

Morning walk

We went for a walk today to the local auction house to have a look at what they were going to auction out later on today. I think we saw all in all 3 people on the road there and it wasn't that early, around 10 I think. Partly I think people kept inside because it was Sunday and Vasaloppet (90km long ski race) was going on up in Mora and was being showed on TV. But also it was cold and windy plus they hadn't cleared much of the snow that came during the night. It was bit hard going on the smaller roads but we managed to get there without slipping over even though James did his best impersonation of a skier without skis. The auction looked more interesting on the pictures online then it did in real. There were the odd bits and bobs that I might have wanted to bid on if they didn't go too expensive but nothing really special.

We are going to my mums today for a Sunday dinner. My sister and her bf are picking us up in about 1Â? hour so got to think of something to do until then.

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Raquel said...

Hello, just blog hopping until I got here.

From Philippines but living in USA now.

Have a great week.