Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Far too much is going on in real life to be able to fit any extra blog time in. It is a shame and I really shouldn't be able to call this a blog anymore. But I'll try and make it better soon.

I've been trying to sell some of the surplus junk we got in a car boot sale which went quite alright but it was really too little people to make for any good money. But what we got was alright. Shame though that you have to haul all the leftover junk back home, that wasn't intended you know! But maybe later in the year I'll try again and sell some more off. I've been trying to get my other enterprise off the ground with a bit of help from James, more on that later when I have something to show.

Gardening is slow and enjoyable. I have been making a few bargains at the plant nurseries when they have their end of season sales. James has been very nice and dug me a bit of a bigger flower border that we started off with two bushes and not complained too much to me for buying more plants and bushes. You do get into some sort of frenzy though when you have a blank canvas to fill up with plants. Because when we moved here it was just lawn, one old rosebush, a few apple trees and one, 1 !, tulip bulb. Next year I am going to try and grow some more perennial plants myself if the ones I did this year come back next spring..

Onward upward eh?

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