Friday, March 13, 2009

*cough cough cough*

Oh don't mind me, I'm just covered in grey dust from sandpapering the plastering I did earlier in the upstairs toilet. It is looking nice and smooth but will need a bit of touch up before I paint.

James surprised me the other day by suggesting we should change the carpet as well while we are doing the rest. I was genuinely shocked that it came from him but I did as I was told and went hunting for a fabulous new carpet instead of the a boring bland magnolia one that is sitting there at the moment. And of course the carpet I wanted only came in a 4 meter wide roll which is a bit unnecessary since our toilet is 1,19x1,07. So I asked if they knew anywhere else I could look as well and there was this place that was a bit further up the road that specializes in carpets and they might have off cuts as well that would fit. But when there I was lucky enough the be at the right place at the right time. You see there was a salesperson in showing the new carpet selections for this year and I asked if he had any nice ones in either white, grey or black. So he showed me a very nice one in a tile pattern in dark brow/black which I thought was nice but then he creped up behind me and showed the absolutely most wonderful new one he had just started to sell. It just said click and now we are getting one that twinkles in black. There is an optic illusion in it so it twinkles slightly when you move around looking at it. It might sound a bit tacky but it isn't actually. Its like coin size irregular flecks of glitter that are dark or muted and then shine and sparkle when you move and the light reflects differently on it.

Hopefully they can come and take the old carpet out today and do the underneath plastering because then I can paint and wallpaper this weekend before they come and put the new carpet in next week. And then its just to phone the plumber and the electrician to put the final bits in and it is done.

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