Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've just learned I have a follower.... Yes I haven't been blogging much and I have recently come back to blogger after a short visit to live journal but I have just seen that I have 1 (one) follower. Thank you Eleanor for making my day :o)

At one point this blog had quite few followers but then I got slack and didn't blog much and now most of them have gone away... boohoo.. People today haven't got any staying power! They should have stayed around because I do blog, just not that often anymore... well.. not at all looking at my record of the last 2 years actually... Oh well but there might just be a change in that. Pigs can fly now cant they?

Seriously though, I once took great pleasure in blogging but there is just so much you can talk about when you are a bit limited in the language. I am playing around with the thought of writing in Swedish but then no one of my followers would understand.. erh..follower. I am actually a bit miffed I don't have more followers! Me brilliant young woman(cough yes young) deserve a wider audience then I have at the moment.

My stereo have decided to pack it in. Did you notice the very abrupt change of subjects? Cunning isn't it...Now read on. Its just been to be repaired since it stopped spinning up but the nice man at the shop said there are no replacement parts made to my kind of stereo anymore so all he could do was clean and re-oil the wheel that spins the cd and tell me that when it breaks again it will be the last of it plus he charged me 400kr for looking at it. And it just went. Sigh. I really liked my stereo. The sound was outstanding for being such a cheap one bought at half price at a sale ages ago. And now I suppose I have to look at these space machine looking things they call a stereo today. Me don't like one bit! I like sleek, clean, easy-to-use, very good sound, preferably black stereos if there is a color choice. I DO NOT like these bombastic, gadget filled, blinking both here and there for no purpose kind of stereos whit speakers the size and shape of Gods know what I have been seeing lately. I know there are my kind of stereos out there as well but usually they are way out of my price range. I am going to be grumpy for a while now. Excuse me.

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