Friday, May 21, 2010


Let's all give them a very warm welcome to our garden. I give you John Cabot, Raubritter, Clair Renaissance, Emelie and Awakening!
Big huge welcoming applause now and lets hope they like it here!

They are our new roses for the new flower beds we dug around the decking. We went out to Bäsna today which is one of the better nurseries we know around here. They've always been very helpful and have a big range of plants, you can also by trees from there which is what we did last year. A little pink flowering paradise apple tree that's just coming into bloom. I was a bit worried about our garden making it through the hard winter we had. My lovely huge Aisha rose died back to where the snow had protected it, so did my elderberry . All other roses seem to have made it in one piece and are sprouting.

Potatoes are in the ground, so are carrots and onions. Bit more to do but cabbages are not big enough to go in yet and the squashes and beans aren't ready either to go in. Besides it is a bit too early still for them. We might still get frosts at night. Have been busy moving flowers from one bed to the new one. Still got a few more to move but are getting there.

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