Thursday, June 17, 2010

New project

So this is what I'm up to at the moment quilting wise. It is slow going though. I don't like too much repetetive work at once so I do a few stars and then have to do something else for a while as not to loose interest. I am going to edge the stars with beige fabric in maybe two different tones. And then sew them together with a strip in between. Haven't decided yet if I'm going with the white I have in the stars or if I am going to do something more colorful. Tempted to sew some flying geese as a border around it all, just have to see how the finished size will be before deciding on that.

Gardening is coming along nicely. It just needs watering and some sporadic weeding now untill harvest time. Unless I find some new project to do out there! There is always the chance of that now isn't there when you have a garden just waiting to be developed...

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