Monday, September 20, 2010

Not. Pleased. At. All !

Remember I said I was doing some Christmas tree rugs? Well I am and they are not coming out like I want them to! The first one looks really nice colour wise but is so wonky  I really don't know what to do with it!
 Just look at that center star all bubbly and not AT ALL FLAT!

The other one really doesn't work because of the fabrics I chose but it is a perfectly flat and nice looking center star!


At least the table runner came out looking really really good after the quilting and binding was put on.

I think I will go to Falun tomorrow and show Marina what has happened to the rugs and maybe she will know how to rescue the nice one at least. I am almost crying because of the spoilt fabrics! I suppose if worse came to worse I could always rip it and start over changing some of the fabrics but that would be the very last option since it is cut on the bias.. I can see it now, an even worse wonky star...

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