Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend done and dusted!

I don't enjoy working weekends but its a must since I work part time in a supermarket. If I didn't the pay would be really really crap.

I haven't done much sewing at all, have had a headache and feeling generally tired and off since Friday . So after getting back from work and had something to eat all I could manage was to slump in front of the telly with a nice warm blanket.

It has been very cold here for a couple of days, night time temps being around -25 -27 degrees makes our house go cold inside. It has been much improved since Jamie did some extra insulation work down in the basement, the floor is not as cold as it was before but it still goes cold inside when the weather turns for the lower temperatures because our heating system can't cope with the extreme cold it being an air to air heating system. Don't ask what sort of system it is all I know is that if we ever move or build a new house we are not having this system again! It is total crap for Swedish climate but still all the new houses going up have this system as standard. No wonder people are complaining about their heating bills being horrendous when they need to put extra heaters on when it gets cold in winter.

We have been thinking again about maybe building our own house and looked a bit at what plots there are available. We would want to move out a bit in the country and get a bit more land as well. Jamie would like some woodland so we could be self sufficient with wood for heating, I'd like plenty of room for a wild garden and for growing vegetables plus a studio for all my crafts, oh that would be lovely. If we ever do build it would definitely be an eco house of some sort maybe even a passive house which uses very little energy for heating since it is so well insulated. Lots of things to think about of course and we still have to find the plot of our dreams. We will have fun looking though and if it pops up it does or maybe we will find a dream house in the country with all the requirements. But we best win the lotto first....!

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Maisey said...

Love the idea of this Maria. I would do it if I was a few years younger....can't believe I said that! :-(