Sunday, April 10, 2011

In between lots of cursing and swearing.....

Yes its been one of those kinds of days. I was going to press on and quilt as much as I could on the first heart quilt today when I had plenty of time and felt inspired but I don't know what had happened to my machine but all of a sudden the thread kept on breaking, hopping stitches like anything and snapping when I was free motion quilting. I changed the needle, changed the foot, adjusted the pressure of the foot, adjusted the tension, threaded the machine a thousand times. Almost threw something through the window of sheer frustration when nothing seemed to make any difference to the problem. Jamie tried to help but he backed off when I started growling at him, poor soul.

Then after almost giving up and calming down over a late dinner I had an epiphany! Last Tuesday at the course Marina changed the bobbin holder since the old one often got dislodged and at one time got pierced by the needle and jammed crocked when I was sewing and got slightly damaged and uneven. She also changed a metal clamp to a thicker version to keep the bobbin holder better in place. It seems the Horizon has some 'issues' with the bobbin holder moving out of place when sewing. Anyway I kept the old bobbin holder and now put it back. And see it works again! There were a few thread snags but not every 2 inches like it was before! I have to ask Marina what this is all about because it shouldn't behave like this! Also I noticed the thread snagging when I had the front cover closed but not so often when I have it open to try to see when and how it snags.

Sigh a very frustrating end to the day after a perfectly alright morning. Weird thing is that it sews perfectly when straight stitching and piecing. So that is what I ended the evening with and sewed a few more blocks to my scrappy cathedral stars quilt, pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. And here is a photo of my progress.

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