Friday, August 31, 2012

Helloo..... ?

I know its been a long time since I wrote anything substantial but I just have had a very boring life. Work, sleep, eat is the main things that have been occupying my time recently. But at least I have managed to finish the two heart bargello quilts!!!! And I delivered them on Wednesday to my  client and got PAID! Well now they are finally out of my way so I can get going on other new stuff or finish some of my other projects that have been lingering in the background since I felt I really couldn't sew something of my own before the clients quilts were done.... They could have been done ages ago if it wasn't for my machine starting to behave very oddly when FMQ. It still isn't like it used to be and there are very poor response from the manufacturer Janome when I have complained. It all came back to me, ie it was user error even though it worked perfectly fine for the previous quilts I've made.... well it made me so mad I am never ever going to buy another machine from them. Ever. Sadly I will need to hang on to this one since it was a very VERY  nice Christmas present (cost a fortune as well) and try and work around the problems and issues.

We went to Birmingham and  The Festival of Quilts this year again.  But this time my friend and quilter companion Mette with husband tagged along. She was well impressed by it all and we had a super time looking around and buying fabric and rulers and notions. I took so many pictures of the quilt exhibit  and all the lovely quilts. There were so much to take in and a lot of inspiring quilts to look at my head is overflowing with ideas of what to do next.

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