Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Warning New Year ahead!

So the world didn't end.

But it seems my blog did. Only 10 posts last year and compared to my early years that is pitiful to say the least. I have fallen out of writing. I did reread some of my older blogposts and they were funny, interesting and regular. Did I have a better life then, was it more interesting to write about? Nah, I just think life got busy and it seamed not so important to write about what I was doing, thinking etc... I'd rather be outside in the garden or upstairs in my sewing room sewing...

I will keep writing. Post a few pictures now and again. But it doesn't feel like it will go back to what it was before. And if it does, well, all the better eh?

At the moment I am staring out the big windows in our lounge realising it is a big yellow thing out there in the sky. It's not been out for ages and all of a sudden we get a clear blue sky day. So what am I doing inside. Bye bye!!

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