Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wandering benches..

Woke up this morning at 4.30 by James saying that our two new garden benches were missing and that he found one of them all broken up a bit further up the road. I got up and went around the block to see if I could find the missing one. I asked a passing neighbour as well but he hadn't seen or heard anything even though the bench was found just outside his house. James went the other route and found the other one in one piece at the railroad crossing

I called the police later on and reported it, got to see if we get anything from our home insurance, doubt it will cover the risk though. When I was out putting the table and the rescued bench away I saw that our neighbour across the road was looking agitated and on the phone so I asked if he had something broken too last night. They'd smashed his car rear light in and he was on the phone to the police. We talked a bit while waiting for the police and while waiting our neighbour across from us came home, still drunk... He asked a bit what was going on and we said what had happened and he looked a bit blank. Bet you it was him and his friends going to a party who did the damage but was too drunk to remember, because he couldn't for the life of him remember how he ended up sleeping in a forrest 10 km from here...

Anyway, the police came round, they parked in our drive way and looked at our bench and Olle's car and walked around looking mighty important. Hopefully it made the drunken neighbour a bit nervous and that his dad had a look outside the kitchen window to see what was going on too. Whoever did it left behind an empty cart of Finnish strong beer so it is a bit touchy whether or not it was neighbour or not. We'll probably never know.

The adventures of living in a house has just started! I've calmed down now though..

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