Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our final corner section to the new wardrobes came on friday and we have just finished putting it togheter. The last door will go on in a bit. But what a bugger it was to get in place! I hate our leaning floor by now because it didnt fit to put it togheter as it suggesteed in the manual so we had to improvise as how to do it and in which order so all pieces would line up in the end. It was a lot of huffing and puffing, swearing 'till your ears went red and an exess of banging them togheter using your feet, hands or you name it!

And now when you think that it will all fit nicely the bloody middle door hinge is one hole too high up! And yes i did measure it!!!! Calm down, breeeeaaatthh.........!

Part from all the hiccups and exsessive swearing the new wardrobes looks fantastic. Now theres just a trip left to return 2 damaged doors and get some shelfs and pull out drawers.

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Anonymous said...

Write some more!! I need to know whats going on! Pauline