Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Long time no write and all that jazz..

We have been busy elsewhere, James too even though he is permanently declared a mini zombie by me after his 3 weeks long stretch of working early mornings and not going to bed when falling asleep on the sofa. Go to bed! I say and poke him quite violently and he says, in a minute, soon, and falls happily asleep anyway half laying over me making my watching the telly very uncomfortable indeed. We definitely need a bigger sofa and a lounge to house it. Good thing we are going to knock down a wall then isn't it you think. But by the time James has mustered the courage to knock it down with me we will be old and grey, or so it feels like at the moment. It's just a wall, not a load bearing one either but a thin pathetic partition one where they thieved a bit of the lounge to make a big walk-in-closet. But I think it is the cleaning up bit afterwards that have him scared. Not cleaning cleaning, but the getting a new flooring in and wallpaper the lounge since the wallpapers didn't match in the two rooms. He wants to wait until we know what the chimney chappy is billing us for fixing our trimmings and a rain cover that looks like a hedgehog and what the ventilation chappy is billing us for coming here taking a quick look saying he cant see anything wrong and we should call him again if it starts smelling of burnt rubber from the air outlet. So we are waiting and waiting and you all know how impatient I can be at this waiting malarky don't you... *grits teeth*

Oh, pictures are coming as soon as the batteries are charged enough and I can get my head around a picture view program with tantrum troubles. It wont let me see the thumbnails of the pictures in the camera or to download them to the computer! I'll be looking for a hammer in a minute..!

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