Thursday, October 20, 2005


I'm almost up to date with the dreaded To Do List! At the moment I have the tumble dryer squealing like a stuck pig downstairs drying some t-shirts I just washed. Don't ask me why it squeals. Apparently it does so in the start, or so the former owners told us, but it seems to work since I tested to dry my jacket in it when I was in a hurry the other day. I would prefer it not to squeal of course but what do you do? If I get someone to have a look at it and they charge you for shaking their head saying I might as well by a new one I will stick to the squealing thank you very much! I've done two loads of washing, cleaned the fire stove out and tested it with a small twig of wood and plenty of paper. It works, part from that the stick didn't burn, still too wet! I've also changed knobs on my desk since the other ones had one broken when we moved and it already had two odd ones in replacing others that broke.

Oh bliss, pig has gone asleep! Or at least the squealing has stopped even though it is still drying. I can now understand why she said they didn't use it much...

It has been very heavy frost here in the last couple of days so everything is looking quite limp and almost all the leaves has dropped. We did tidy most of the dead summer flowers away on Monday and dug over the flower borders, all prepared now for next years planting season. We also had the car tires changed to studded winter ones on Wednesday. Good thing we did because it was quite slippery this morning when I drove to work in heavy fog even though it still was -6 so just about everything got a nice coating of ice. Including the road. But I took it easy and no one was really in a rush, quite sensible as well since you could just see about 8-10 meters ahead of you and sometimes it just fogged in completely so you crawled at around 30km/h. But as soon as the lake Runn freezes we will be rid of this cold wet fog and by the looks of things it shouldn't be long now.

James' mum should stop reading here and hop to the next paragraph.

They are predicting the coldest winter for decades due to the Atlantic being warmer then usual and not sending the warmer westerly winds this way so we are to put up with the Siberian Express earlier and for longer and they are already scaring people that there wont be enough electricity around. If they do cut the power I want my tax money back! I am not paying tax for the pleasure of freezing my butt off!

I hope it snows soon. I just love winter and snow and now we'll have a whole yard to play in when it does start to snow. James has threatened to build us an igloo and an army of snowmen parading the backyard. Well I don't mind, I'm sure I will indulge in a few snow lanterns of my own and we are thinking of putting some lights up in the trees for Christmas. I have a little idea of having a mini Christmas tree on the porch dressed in my colorful mini lights and putting up nice white lights around the bushes where all the bird feeders are hanging. Also got to invest in a good snow shovel or two, one bigger and one smaller.

But before all that I have to start finishing my hobby room. The wallpaper has arrived and I don't know what it is keeping me from doing the plastering in there and sanding it down all ready for the paper to go on the wall. I just don't have the energy for it at the moment. Or something...

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