Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wannabee Busy Bee?

And the race is on! This will certainly be the busiest month I've had in quite a while and it isn't Christmas yet. We've just had a lovely weekend in Stockholm as it was my birthday present from James to stay in a hotel and go to see an opera at the Royal Opera House. So that is what we did. The opera in question was Figaros wedding and we had seats high up but could see all of the stage part from an icky little bit of the left corner. It was a very nice weekend away from the normal everyday routine with lovely meals out and great big breakfast buffe and we finished it in IKEA on Sunday morning before heading back home.

Now this weekend I am working as normal but next week we are going to visit my friend Al in Gothenburg for 3 days. She has been asking us for ages to come see them and now we finally got our dates to match so we are off. And on that trip we are going to the biggest outlet store there is in Sweden called Gekas in Ullared. I think Al said it was as big as 7 football pitches and had everything in it. I'm saving my money and not buying anything until we have been there...

The week after that we are going down to Stockholm again with work to have dinner and a comedy show at Hamburger Bors. We are staying over night so all of that weekend will be spent away from home. James have plans on inviting the guys from work over and take down the partition wall in the lounge before heading out with them for a night of bowling while I'm having fun in Stockholm. Hopefully they are sober enough to take down the right wall, I know we are planning to have an extension with a conservatory attached but not yet!

For the last weekend in November we are going back to Gothenburg, spending two nights at a five star hotel and go to a Christmas show with Magic that we gave my mum as her birthday present earlier this summer. There will also be time for some shopping and possibly an evening at Lisebergs Christmas Market depending on when they are open.

Never mind that December is breathing down our neck with lots to do at work and at home. But all in all I think it will be a lovely month, hectic but lovely.

Oh, did I mention that I finished wallpapering my hobby room. It is all nice and green in there with a floral feature wall. We also found some nice wallpaper when we went to Stockholm. I am severely tempted to have it in our bedroom. A very light turquoise blue with a gold print. It is called Wisteria and is made by Nina Campbell. We also took another sample of a darker turquoise blue with gold print, they both look nice but trouble is we have absolutely nothing in blue that would match up with it. What to do, what to do...

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Anonymous said...

You certainly are a busy bee! Have you any samples of the wallpaper so you can take a piccy? Pauline.