Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have several lists going on in my head at the moment. You know things needing attention or just wish lists for the house, garden, me, you name it. I just have to decide which list needs most attention and get on with it really.... sigh

It is slow progress at the moment in the quilting department. I am cursing at the last heart quilt not wanting to be quilted as I like it to be. The seam ripper has been in ample use and I have had a break from it because it was getting just too frustrating. But during the weekend I have finally picked it up and am finishing the last borders on it. Thankfully my client is very VERY understanding....

I've had a birthday in October and was given the most excellent birthday present! A quilting frame in which I can use my sewing machine! We saw the frame being demonstrated at the Birmingham Quilt Festival and I was in love. But I never thought I would get it as a present. I was more in the line thinking I'd save up and we make an order next time we went to the Quilt Festival! So now my sewing room is in a bit of disarray while I am trying to fit the new frame in and all my other necessities. I think I have found a solution to how to have it arranged but now all the fabric and other stuff has to be fitted into lesser space so that means refolding fabric and going through all the other stuff and see if it all is needed. But that is sort of fun, if you have the time to do it... which I wont have in a couple of days time when I am temping for Veronica full time again for 2 weeks. Got so tired last time I did it I barely managed to stay awake for the evening news! But it was more fun then my normal routine at work so am glad to get to do it.

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