Thursday, December 08, 2011

Quilting curse....

So much for saying it was going fine quilting the second heart quilt.... my machine started to act up again with the thread breaking and making a rough sound when sewing. After a lot of debating if there was something wrong with it with my dealer she finally decided to take it in and had a look at it! I got soooo frustrated she wasn't listening I cried in front of her in the end and only then did she say she would have a look at it! She had to send it away to be looked at by an authorized Janome repair center after she couldn't find what was wrong. When it came back 2 weeks ago and I was going to try it out at home the first thing that happened was that it said F2 error.... And no way was it going to quilt, it took 5 stitches or so before it went F2 error again in which case the only thing to do is to turn it off and on again. I just packed it up and went straight back with it saying I do not want to look at it until they have fixed what ever they messed up trying to fix it in the first place!!

2  weeks going and haven't heard anything from her about it yet. I am very disappointed with the machine, Janome Horizon 7700 and my dealer. I am thinking I want a new machine or my money back if it doesn't get resolved soon.

I at least managed to get the binding on and finished the first bargello heart quilt. So one down and the other one just have to wait until I get a working sewing machine.

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Maisey said...

Am playing catch-up with blogs and photos. :(

This build is just dragging on and on...:-((

Any news on the machine?