Sunday, September 21, 2003

It's been a relaxing weekend. We went to a market yesterday in Borlange and then had a nice meal out at Coop before going home and having a very restful evening with a little visit to the allotment and picked all the beans, which was a lot! And picked the last few beatroot that were left to grow bigger. It has been quite cold at night recently so we covered up the would be broccoli that in fact is cauliflower with some fiberfleece to help them through possible frost. The cauliflower was bought as broccoli so was a bit surprised when I had a peak in the heart of the plant to find a budding head of cauliflower looking back at me. But I had suspected that it was not broccoli since the leafs has grown huge in comparison to a broccoli plant.

Today we went up for the autumn clean up day and meeting which really was just collecting all the benches that's been dotted around and moving some of the compost heap further up the hill next to the barn. After that we had a really short meeting which I didn't really get the point of because she just asked if we had anything we wanted to ask and that was the end of that. I was surprised because we were there for the first time and she didn't even bother to say anything about that or tell us something about the general rules for the allotment's. But it was interesting to sit and watch how people acted towards each other... I am a bit like that, I observe people and how they stand and what they say before I decide to approach or speak. And sometimes you get to know more by just sitting quietly watching the situation unfold. And the very first thing that struck me was that there's conflict a foot in the society.

There's a new chairman and changes to be expected in springtime when the new season starts. Not so much that the former chairman has been toppled for the new one, more that the board is fed up with people expecting them to do all the work that has to be done around the allotment area, like cutting the grass between the lots, emptying the trash and tidying up after other people who scatter piles of junk wood everywhere. As of now you will have to take care of your own junk may it be glass frames that's broken or planks or sticks that you've exchanged for new ones in your fence or anything else that is bulky. And their will be a rotation list on who will be cutting the grass and there wont be anyone in particular to do the spring rotovating. So it is more or less everyone for themselves or everybody together. Will see how it turns out and how turbulent the spring meeting will be. Because I'm sure there will be angry people wanting to know how they are going to get their little plot done now and demand that someone will see to it and I'm sure that the trash situation wont improve straight away. But still it sounds really simple that everybody takes their own trash with them doesn't it? Instead of paying for the garbage men to empty the bin in summer they could use that money for something else, like new tools. But apparently tools have gone missing as well so all isn't well in allotment world..

All in all a good weekend, dont you think?

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