Thursday, September 25, 2003

Our cupboard is done. I went out to Lotta today and did the last polishing. All that's to be done is to attach the new feet, which still look very new compared to the actual cupboard. I have stained them with a slightly colored wax but they still look all new and shiny. Might have to bang on them and throw them around a bit to get them to look a bit rugged. The innards of the cupboard still smell like its fresh out of a stable. I will have to wash it out and scrub carefully inside it to make it smell of sĺpa, Swedish oldfashioned soap.

My leg is hurting and yes its annoying. My guess is it is a varicose vein inside because you cant see anything on the outside. But it is all warm and tender to touch from the top of my left foot to just half of my calf. And to wear my ecco shoes today was a real pain so I slipped into my softer sandal's even though it is chilly outside. And ecco shoes that are supposed to be good for your feet, HA! Oh well I shouldn't complain should I, a foot that is slightly bigger due to swelling wouldn't fit any shoe. If it still feels the same tomorrow I'm going to phone the medical center and ask for advice. Please, some sympathy?

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