Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hey ho hey ho, back to work we go...! yippi......

It actually feels quite awful going back there. I'm relaxed now and i know that by friday already i will be all wound up again! Definatly need some change of plan.
At least it will be short and sweet coming back. I work 2 days and then i'm off 3 for Pingst, then i work 1 and am off 1, work 2 more days and then James is running the marathon so i have to shift the weekend im supposed to be working. Not too bad, will notice in my paycheck i suppose but i cant be bothered about that right now. And it feels better knowing James has a work as well. Otherwise i would have worked like a little nutter to get at least one weekend back.

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Anonymous said...

Isnt it such fun going back to work after a holiday.... not. Two weeks off or more and then you have to catch up on all that you missed. Or is it the 200 emails that come through each week with replies on replies that need to be sorted out and read quickly. Anyway, we all go through it. Hang in there Maria.
Todd - crazy aussie.