Sunday, May 16, 2004

I feel bonewrecked!
Arms hurt, my back hurts, all my ears are bitten by mosquitoes! What I've been doing? Planting and sowing at the allotment this evening with James. We decided, well James decided that he wanted to finish off the last bit of land to turn over and I tagged along to rake it and make sure it was nice for sowing. So I took some seeds with me in case of we had the time to do that as well. We planted the potatoes and onions, sowed all the seeds except for lettuce, we put up the tall tripods for the runner beans as well. We went there quite late, at around 7.30 and didn't finish before 9.30. It was getting dark then and a few raindrops kept on falling. But now the major part of it is done. Just have to wait for the runner beans and sweet corn to sprout here at home and get a bit bigger before I dare put them out, and also the broccoli plants are soon ready to put out. I was just thinking how the heck we are going to be able to fit everything in since mum has some tomato plants growing on her balcony that also are going in there. Hmm some serious considerations about the use of space left to be done. I might have to dig a few of the raspberry bushes up that we relocated last summer. They didn't do that well when we moved them anyway. That leaves a nice little border to put stuff in as well then.

It is fun, gardening. Just a bit back breaking in the beginning since we took over a lott that had been badly neglected for a long time. Last years job was mainly getting all the weeds out and cutting back the raspberries and growing some quick vegetables since we started pretty late. Plus digging in some peat to try and improve the soil, which is heavy clay soil to begin with. This year has been a bit of weeding so far but mostly turning the soil over adding some more good plant soil. I'm going to have a peak at our compost as well to see if that has started going. Lots of things to be done, I'm glad I got a weeks holiday coming up. Glad I'm off from work, but it would have been fun going to England as well. Oh well, maybe later on this year. Here's a picture we took earlier before we went today though, I'll try and take a new one tomorrow so you can all see what we've been doing.

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Anonymous said...

Love your stick fence, and why shouldn't I? I built the same fence for my morning glories to climb on. It was gorgeous. Hub agreed, even though initially he was NOT impressed.

I want to tell you a little secret about gardening. My mother raked all the lumps, said the ground had to be fine as frog's hair, labored long and hard over her garden. Hub is too impatient for that. He cultivates it, I plant it, no raking, no fussing and it is all in in 2 hours flat. It was so hard for me to garden in this hap-hazard manner, but guess what? It grows just as good, produces just as good, and I love seeing flowers blooming, vegetables thriving, without all the pain and angst and hard labor that I initially thought was necessary.