Tuesday, May 04, 2004

While trying to get my head around the situation at work it doesn't make it easier that a friend has a tough time with a personal crisis. But helping her out seems to have taken the aim off my own problems which is good. There's no use in getting worked up about the situation at work and I don't think it is so easy for J either being back and all. But I'm not going to be a pushover this time.

The fact that I've again set up my weaving loom helps my mind untangle from the worst what-if's and it is springtime so got the allotment to tend to as well. It is getting to be that busy time of year again when everything has to be prepared and planted and looked after. But that is one part of life I enjoy. Remind me of this post when I've complained for the hundredth time about weeds popping up like there's no tomorrow! To give you an idea of what's in store, this is what we are going to try grow this year. Potatoes, broccoli, runnerbeans of 2 variations, peas, tomatoes, dill, basil, sage, parsley, lettuce, onion, sweet corn and beet root plus a whole bundle of flowers to the side. I am thinking about taking one row of raspberries away, maybe exchange the other one as well for a newer kind with bigger berries in, so we can have a bit more room for flowers along the allotment border. This year I'm going to plant a new kind of frilly daisy, Siberian poppy's, ringkrage(don't know the English name) and marigolds Touch of Red see below.

We'll be well busy the next few weeks when planting and making sure the frost doesn't take them away the same night. I might wait until end of may actually just to be safe. But still, there's a wicker fence to be set up at the back of the allotment to keep the neighbour's raspberry bush from falling into our side. I'm going to sow some sweet peas along it when it is finished. I have to have a look if all is well with the garlic I planted in autumn and if they have survived or if that was a miss. I've also bought a new rubarb plant to put in where the one from last year was supposed to be, it strangely disappeard during the winter! I would be up there now if it wasn't pissing down with RAIN! But it is good that it rains maybe it washes some of that pollen away, haven't felt any of my pollen allergy yet this year part from a few sneezes in the weekend. It is amazing! Maybe I jinxed it now, oh dear..!

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