Thursday, January 14, 2010

A cup of tea later...

Ahhh... yes i have just had a cup of tea. Been working late tonight so did get home just 20 minutes ago. It is really horrible to work late and then have to get into a cold car and drive home in the ice and snow. Cant spring come soon!?

I am really looking forward to spring so we can plant up the new borders that will go along the new deck. I got loads of plans and am saving money for new plants and roses and bushes and and and and well you know. The garden is really getting there now after soon 5 years of backbreaking digging up the lawn.

I really like my pink border by the outhouse. But some plants needs moving. And i might be able to split a few more. That is very satisfying when you can get more plants of the same to bulk it out or plant somewhere new.

We grew a lot of vegetables last year. We are just getting round to eating the last spuds and beans. I always look forward to planning what we are going to grow for the next year and get to think of what worked and what didnt do so well.

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