Tuesday, October 05, 2010

To bag or not to bag

Today was my quilting course and we did sew a bit more of the handbag. But now when we are going to join the pieces together I think the pattern is a bit silly thinking about how I have been seeing and reading about how to do other handbags. I might actually try and do it differently and if it doesn't work out I'll rip it and do it like the pattern says.

It was the last time of my quilting course as well for this time. We might start up again in November if there are enough people interested . At the moment it is only Mette and me that are interested to continue. A course for two seems a bit silly to me so hopefully there will be others as well. If you are a group you get to see lots of other projects as well and get inspired to do something new.

Now I am off to bed, got an early start tomorrow and a long shift. But it is only a week left now until we go to England and London for a long weekend!

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