Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekend over! Yay!

Yes I have worked this weekend but it wasn't too bad since I got to work with one of  my favorite persons to work with! It does go so much quicker if you can have a laugh or two while working doesn't it?

I have also been for a quick walk which went very well, not feeling so fatigued like I have been doing the last couple of weeks after walks and general work. The cough seems to be getting better even though it is a bit stubborn yet but much better then last week.

I haven't been sewing much at home, haven't had time or energy for it. I am going to do some buttonholes on the bag we are making at the course though so it is ready for the next step. Will show you it when I have put the pocket lids on so you can see a bit better what I am doing. It is quite a square bag but we likes is!

I also have an idea for how to finish off our new bedspread I am doing. I will use the lighter shades of brown and yellow as fillers and have a a striped border around the center piece. Just got some measurements to figure out in inches instead of cm.... You know these inches are troublesome sometimes when you are used to cm!

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