Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I walked into town and visited our big shopping mall Kupolen and did some Christmas shopping for US. I now only have to wait and see if the internet orders will come in time and then I am DONE! Oh, I got to make a flower basket for my mum but that's not a shore, that is just pure fun.

Besides the shopping this year I am making some Christmas presents as well. At the moment I am cooking some orange marmalade with a bit of lemon in it. A tip, don't cut lemons when you have skin cracks.... Ouch!
I am also going to make saffron biscotti and some Christmas sweets. But they are all fun so no stress there at least. If I'll have the time I will sew something as well to give away. But at the moment something cooked or baked is a better option for me. I just love baking!

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Linda said...

Sounds so good. I can almost smell the sweet scent of everything! I love your new picture! Enjoy your "you" time baking!