Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santas little helper

Yes that is what I feel like. I've made orange marmalade flavoured with vanilla and cognac, a whole lot of bisqotti, both saffron and chocolate/orange. I've also made some chocolate crispy treats and some rocky road sweets. Tomorrow I am doing some dark chocolate truffles and then I think I am set for our pre Christmas dinner with Rosie and Fredrik.  We sort of decided that we were going to make presents for each other this year. Then we decided that we also could buy some. For the home made part I'm doing foodie stuff and possibly some small purses tomorrow if there is time left and the bought part includes some cool tea strainers and a little very cool looking gadget to help you use ordinary candles in tea light candle holders.

Tomorrow is also tree day! That is my favourite thing to do before Christmas, to dress the tree. As per usual we will get a too big a tree just because we think it will fit and no there is no need to measure it, it will fit. Every year. But does it fit? Does is

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Linda said...

Holy bakery!! Wow! Everything you've made and will make sounds so good and amazing! Wish I lived closer!! Have fun picking out a tree. Used to be one of my favorite things to do growing up!