Sunday, December 05, 2010


So much for my best laid plans of getting lots of sewing done over the weekend. On Friday I got company for the best part of the day from a friend from work which was fun though. We talked a lot and drank lots of tea and we made a vegetable pie for dinner and talked some more.

On Saturday I woke up late and the sewing just didn't happen. I was getting stuck and just didn't have my heart in it so I made a border and 4 pin wheels for the corners and started doing the striped bit. But.... just couldn't get going on it so I decided to leave it alone for a while.

So today I would get lots done you think, but today was Christmas market in Falun. I went there with my mum and we had a good look around and I bought a very nice shawl, among other things, which I am sitting with wrapped around me now keeping me nice and warm. It is always interesting to go to this market and see what nutty or fun things people come up with. I've had a stall at the market twice selling my necklaces, it was fun, a bit stressful but most of all, it was cold! I might go there again just have to decide what craft to be selling since I do tend to try so many out. Necklaces are fun to make but so is quilting.


Linda said...

Sometimes it just doesn't work out. I've done that plenty of times. It's good to take a little break from sewing and just play!

Maisey said...

Hello :-)))

It is Me!!

I love and miss you both :-)

Lost contact details, so after a bit of searching found you again through here :-)


Maria said...

Bloody 'ell. That's a blast from the past! Where have you been hiding Mary???? Got to get in touch. Email please!!!

Maisey said...

I lost it! The only one I can hazzard a guess at is

Maria said...

You mean to tell me that YOU have not got a working email? This is the Mary who have been teaching people about the internet and computers...???? LOL!