Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy bean!

This is what has kept me busy, apart from work that is. But I must admit its been a bugger to me! I couldn't get it together as I had seen it in my head so I pondered a few days and tried various options of finishing it which meant me making  use of the ripper quite a bit when what I tried didn't look right. I did a bit of other quilting to take my mind off it, which didn't help,  until I had a brainwave in the middle of the night and actually woke up knowing exactly how I would finish it off! So here it is, as it is at the moment

It needs a small grey border and then a finishing wider black border before quilting but I didn't have enough fabric at home so will get that tomorrow before work so I can finish it this weekend and have it ready for quilting later on. Then it is on to the next heart......

1 comment:

Linda said...

Stunning! It's such a striking quilt design. It's so funny how the most brilliant ideas come to us in the middle of the night!! It's happened to me too!