Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't try this at home!

Yes this is me, With a cold and all, freehand quilting the gigantic bedspread I promised to make for Rosie and Fredrik ages and ages ago. I really didn't have any excuses left now for not finishing it for them and considering I am going to make them one for their wedding (which they don't know) I GOT to finish this one off! I thought the simplest of patterns would be a great start, so I doodled all over the green and blue in the middle section, swearing as I was going because the weight of the quilt is hard to handle when you want nice curvy doodles! But I got my grippy gloves on and the extra quilting table mounted on the sewing machine so it wasn't too bad. Got very achy arms now though from pushing and pulling the quilt around.

This is what the doodles look like. I haven't decided yet if I am keeping the hand quilted circles that are in the middle of the sunflowers.


Linda said...

You look great in the middle of all that quilt!! Oh I remember those days! Quoting is gorgeous. I love all your doodles. I think you should keep the hand quilting. That was a lot of work! Looks like you are loving your new machine!

Maisey said...

Oh I soooooooo love this photograph! You look utterly fantastic!!!!! :-))))

Married life and happiness so suits you.

I clap myself on the back ;-) One of the best things I ever did ...hooo hoo

Maria said...

Well I always wondered why I was going to keep Jamie company while you did whatever it was you said you needed to do.... or was that just a little fib to get us talking eh? Btw, found Brian on Facebook!

Maisey said...

You never! That is fantastic!!

I nearly have your email finished, so will send you some links in that :-)