Sunday, October 05, 2003

I HAVE to get to the hairdressers! Right now my fringe is so long I can pull it up and make a ponytail of it with the rest of my hair if I place it high enough. I look like a samurai!

It has been absolutely gorgeous weather here today (sorry Mary) Clear blue sky with wisps of white clouds stretched out in jagged edges. Quite warm in the sun and all those trees changing into autumn colors just gleaming in the sunlight.

Lotta and me went to 2 auctions today. We were not impressed with either of them. The first one was a local one where the most interesting thing I could find were some rolled up maps from around Dalarna and Lotta spotted a little coffee pan in copper. But we weren't prepared to stay until they came up so we left for another auction in Basna, a bit outside Borlange. They were highly suspicious looking with lots of orient carpets and artwork but not really anything else. And very highly priced as their starting bid so we took one or two laps around and looked at each other and I started laughing and off we went. They really looked a bit like the dealer and wheelers in Fools and Horses.... In the end we found ourselves at an antiques show in Borlange a bit before they closed. I bought some old postcards depicting Falun and had a good look around at the prices and bumped into some regulars to the local auctions. Some of them we like and some we wouldn't touch with a 3 foot pole but sadly you have to since they come to shop at the store!

Anyway after watching Lord of the Rings(extended version) again I have decided to get cracking on rearranging the bookcase now when all the videos and DVD's are nicely stacked in our new cupboard. It was with a bit of disappointment we realized we wouldn't be able to fit the stereo in there as well since there really isn't any natural holes for the leads to come out of it. And we don't want to drill a hole in it for just the stereos sake. But now when it is all arranged it looks alright anyway. If we just could get rid of the quite pungent smell of a sheep stable even after a good scrub it would be perfect. Hopefully a bit of Lush soap can take care of that since it smells quite strong in the bathroom cabinet where it has been living before. Only problem left is that we moved the stereo to the 2 small white IKEA tables we have in front of the big windows and I'm not sure it works having it there. We'll see if I'll move it around again. Constantly changing things around until it 'feels' alright. Weird isn't it?

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