Saturday, October 18, 2003

There might be some snow!

But please don't tell James that, he said the other day that I must stop cursing so much, meaning I had to stop saying it will start to snow soon! And this is from the guy who when he first came over here stared out the window for quite some time when it started to snow in late October and couldn't wait to go out in the snow and make crunchy sounds with his shoes when walking in it. But that was oh, 2 winters ago now. And I guess the novelty of it all has gone. I suppose it doesn't help either that he every winter falls over a certain amount of times..

Nothing much has happened over here. Everything seems to chug along nicely and nothing extraordinary has happened for ages. The same ickle rut every day. Wake up, go to work, get home, food, TV, bed. But once in a while it is a getuplaterushtoworkandruinthewholedaybecasueyoudidntsetthealarmclock type of day. Ask James, he had one yesterday. Have you ever seen someone actually jump into their trousers? I must say it is a sight to behold. Gives you that sort of grin on your face you cant shake whenever you see him for the rest of the day.

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