Monday, October 13, 2003

*News flash!*

Bear with me my singing isn't that great, ok?

~hAppY Biirthday tooo Mee, HaPPYY biirthhhday to meeee, hAppYY Birthhhday DeaRRR Maria, happy Birthhhday tO Meeeeee~! YaY!

Don't ask me to do THAT again, pew. If there ever was someone who couldn't hold a tone it would be me. Still I used to sing in the school choir at one point. But I think I must have sang quietly or else they would have thrown me out earlier!

I've had some lovely presents, thank you kindly for them all. But only one birthday card came in the post today. It was from James' grandparents. Thank You Dot and George, I will spend it on something lovely and most likely it will be clothes or SHOES. Sad aren't I, but I am a woman and as such 'we' are entitled of our shoes and handbag fests!

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