Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I've been busy the last couple of days. With what you wonder? Well....

It isn't done or anything, just got started on it again. I did quite a few of these squares a couple of years ago now. But then didn't get inspired enough to sit down and finish it until now. I am planning on doing a bed spread with this 3x3 square in the center framed by a one tone fabric and finish off the sides with a single line of squares. The fabric framing the center will be one colour, quilted in some fashion. I haven't decided yet if it will be white but most likely it will be. The pattern is called Storm at sea or Rolling stone. It is fiddly to make the squares but ones you got them into sections it is easy to sew together into a square of 36x36cm. Then you only have the problem of fixing the finished squares together into a bigger 3x3 section! But I must say I'm quite proud of maintaining a rough 36 cm square on all of them even though the sewing is a bit wobbly at times. Will post it on here when I'm finished, in the next decade or so...!

There are ways of salvaging old curtains given from your mum to new more to my liking ones. Well these were just too short (the top white) so I added on a spare bit of flowery voile and voila! you got a new pair of spring curtains! Well talking about spring, it was looking like spring at least until it started snowing an hour ago!

We got some new fish as well today to our tank. There are 3 new shiny fancy goldfish swimming around in there now. And some plants and a background. Our surviving Siamese fighting fish looks very bleak and grey compared to the flamboyant new goldfish. We've named them and this time it was my turn to do the honours. So the white and red spreckled one is Tinky Winky, the black and gold one is Dipsy and the all orange gold one is LaaLaa.... I know, James is really a bad influence on me!

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