Saturday, February 07, 2004

Work is going pearshaped in more then one way. And our boss is having a nervous breakdown or so it feels like sometimes. He is sneaking in new schedules without proper advance notice. He is calling it just temporary and still it will be a fixed one once everybody's got used to it. He hasn't said anything to me yet even though I know he has changed my shifts during the weekends. It will be most interesting to see how long he will wait until telling me. If he will at all of course. But when he does I'm going to ask him why he wants me to sit at the tills more and get more trouble with my shoulders then I already have( he knows about my problems in this area). And why he doesn't put A in as the new weekend boss as he had told and promised her. If he did as he had planned in the first place I would get A's shifts in the veggiesection and everything would be fine and dandy part from me losing out on double pay on Saturdays, but never mind that. He had promised to shift Mr B off the weekend shift since he wasn't doing what he was supposed to do and generally being a pain in the arse. But he chickened out didn't he and now it seems we are stuck with Mr B arsing around doing nothing during our weekends pretending to Big Boss that he did all the work while we work our arses off instead and never get noted for it! It is so shitty I cant tell you! No wonder I'm looking for another job eh?

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