Sunday, February 15, 2004

Weekend over...
It has been lovely absolutely GORGEOUS weather here this weekend and who do you think had to work hmmm????
Well its obvious it was me, never mind that I had raging pms and was ready to murder someone, I had to work with Mr B as well! *pause to retract claws*

Serenity, calm, think of a slowly flowing stream..birdys chirping and humming bumble bees. Ahhhh....


Today was scary, me that is, was scary. Women everywhere will understand and guys will go duck behind the nearest sofa until it passes. Just consider how much energy you release when on PMS ,negative or positive depending on your life situation I suppose. Its like walking around with a volcano inside that's just letting enough pressure out to stop it from exploding. By the looks of my temper this weekend my life must be quite shitty. But its not, well only work wise I suppose. Otherwise it is great!
Bet you next time I will be all weepy and will cry for the slightest little mishap, like not being able to tie your shoelace up or if the bread isn't defrosting quick enough for you. Pathetic. Still, it makes life much more interesting. I don't know if James will agree with me though... ;)

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