Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My day off.
Sun is shining, snow is falling, it is +3. Now what could be wrong in that sentence?

We are heading out soon to do ...something. Haven't yet decided on what yet but definitely something is to be done today. I was thinking IKEA but mum needs the car early so wont go there today. We also discussed going by train to Gävle or Uppsala but nothing came out of it. So it looks like a trip to Borlänge and shop a bit at Kupolen. And then do some grocery shopping at Coop. Will fit a walk in as well since the weather is just fine (not grumbling about the snow)

Yesterday we went to the annual allotment meeting were they talked about what's been happening the previous year and elected new members to the board, I was elected to join the election committee. They also confirmed that the county messed up when saying it was fine to build small greenhouses. Now apparently you have to send an application in for a permit to build greenhouses since one neighbour has started to complain about how the allotment area looks like. We are very new to this so we didn't really know all the in's and out's of what's been going on. But one neighbour has started to come down and harass people at the allotment saying they have nothing to do there and they should clear off. Most of the times he has been drunk when going after people. Also he complains about people using the road that leads from the main road down to other houses along the allotment. But he cant deny us to use the road as long as the community there gets part of the maintence subsidised from the county, in other words, its still a public road. It seems that the neighbour also is complaining about the little bay getting overgrown and it is our fault for using fertilizers. And we shouldn't be using white fleece either to protect from frost, it should be green.... The list is endless of what he complains about. They are at the moment trying to find out what is what about permits since they have had different answers to what they are allowed to do. Hopefully they will get to know before the growing season starts here, which is in april, may. We were more welcomed this time and people actually talked to us! We felt quite out of it on the last meeting. But im sure they keep their distance untill they know if you are serious about staying in and use your allotment to grow plants in and not just leave it after you've put the seeds in. Quite a few do just leave them all summer thinking it will manage on its own. They also talked about getting a bit tougher on people that just leave everything. If they cant shape up they are out of there. But i will have to see it to belive it in this case. They seem very reluctant to confront people and tell them what's what..

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