Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The auction on Sunday was interesting and I came away with a postcard album with 140+ cards in it for 520 kronor. I thought it was quite good since it makes out as roughly 4 kronas a card, besides I have already sold off 2 of them for 60 kr. Wheeler dealer eyh?
I also spotted a nice glass jar with a silverplated top but it was put into a bargain box that went a bit too high plus I didn't want all the other crap that went in there. But I went over and asked the lady who bought them if she would sell me the jar since that was all I was interested in. She said she was going to think about it since she hadn't had time to have a look yet what was in the box! I decided to wait a while before asking again and in the mean time I saw how she very carefully looked at the jar wondering is she had made a bargain and why I wanted to buy it off her. So just before we left in the afternoon I went over and asked if she had thought about it, which she had. She wanted to keep it but then I made her an offer of 80 kronas for it and she hesitated and caved. So I got it!
isn't it cute?

We also have been up at the allotment and it is growing much better now when it finally started to be a bit warmer. We have a truck load of peas to pick, onions are really growing well, tomatoes are slowly turning bright red, sweet corn is struggling but growing taller, potatoes flowering and we already have picked some of the broccoli heads, they made a lovely chicken pie with some cauliflower and leak. Also the runner beans are flowering like mad but I'm not so sure we will be able to have those in peace. We have deer! Pesky little deer nibbling at our pea flowers last week and they also found their way to the beanstalks cutting the buds off! Shoot the buggers!

We went around looking at cars yesterday. Both me and James have agreed on that our tank drinks too much petrol and it would be cheaper in insurance as well with a smaller new car. Not to mention easier to drive, James still takes wide corners like he's driving a lorry. Makes for interesting comments from me when I'm thinking he missed the turning! Cars seem to be very expensive though if you buy them from a car dealer, naturally off course but still you cant get any decent cars for under 60 000 kronor! I've also had a look online for people selling privately and you can get them cheaper but anyone want to help us out in buying? Haven't got a clue what to look for more then the obvious, rust and tires. Plus any tips on what make of car is a good buy is gratefully accepted.

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