Sunday, July 25, 2004


Can you see I'm excited about it??

Sorry for the lack of posts but its been hectic and I've not really been in the blogging mood. But I thought I try to write something now when I don't have work to do, well unless you count all the housework, gardening and stuff like that. Housework cant wait either really, hmmm why is there only 24 hours a day? Never mind I have a set list of priorities, auctions first and then whatever needs tending to. Yes, you guessed right we are off to an auction today. Poor James is working but I'm going with Lotta and my mum to an auction in Nyhammar. It is a bit to go so we are going to set of soon. Lotta is picking me up in 10 minutes and I'm all set for whatever weather there will be. They promised scattered showers so umbrella is in the handbag but also I have sunblock just in case the sun does come out. I don't want to end up red as a lobster as I did once last year. I also have applied amply of mosquito repellent since we are going to be outdoors in the sticks. It sounded as a good auction so book is with me and I'm going to have really good look around. Better go now or I will be late!

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