Monday, July 12, 2004

Weekend rushed by as usual. We went to IKEA on saturday with mum, Lotta and ?sa. It was a bit of a disappointment though. Not at all up to its usual standard it felt like a let down. The sales werent no good in the shopping center next door either. At least we had a day out. We didnt do anything in particular on the evening, i made a bit of bread and lounged in the sofa and James went for a run. On sunday there were lots of auctions going on but James was to tired and i couldnt bother to go to the local one seeing as the weather was a bit unsteady mind you it never rained. We had a look online at houses for sale instead. I do believe that James has now got the housebug as well. We biked out to have a look at one in Falun, it was dark and dank and definatly not worth the asking price of 990 000 kronor and we decided to take a trip to Borlänge to have a look at another house for 550 000 kronor. It needs doing up a bit inside and the garden bit is quite grown wild. I made a note and posted off a mail saying we wanted to have a peek inside it to the house agency. Will see when they phone back.

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