Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Peas, peas, everywhere I look peas!

Mum was kind and picked the peas that was ready yesterday and today I have been shelling them. When you think about it its not very much you end up with when you have discarded all the shells. But never mind that, they taste delicious and are together with the broccoli James took home yesterday going to be part of our dinner. How does pork file roast in honey marinade and fresh vegetables sound to you? Yummie if you ask me! We might get our first tomatoes soon as well if this warm and nice weather holds for a couple of days more. We have 2 right now that are slightly orange looking. It seems to be a crap year for flowers though, the marigolds are barely scraping to flower a few heads and the sweet peas are tiny still. And of all the flowers I sowed this spring only a handfuls of poppies and marigolds have come up. Thankfully the hollyhocks did come as well and will be lovely next year (crosses fingers AND toes for not too hard frost)

I went for a little walk around the lake across the road after lunch and I found this cute little landing stage. I took some other pictures as well but this one turned out the best


Roberta said...

Man I have picked and shelled peas and more peas. How many 5-gallon pails, I cannot count. But no more. Nowadays I just grow sugar snap peas instead. I can fill freezer bags really quick with them and they do taste as sweet and good as regular peas, as long as I'm careful to buy the ones that can be picked when flat or shelled when full. That extends the picking season a bit more as well.

Kudos to you, however, for all the hard work. May your peas be all and more than you had hoped them to be.

Green Trabant said...

I love this photo. It captures the mood of Swedish twilight perfectly. Takes me back to the stuga...

Green Trabant

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