Monday, June 30, 2003

First day of my vacation...

Im not allowed to gloat when James is at home that im off for 3 whole weeks! But i just did, didnt i... ;)
Oh well he will get a week off later on this summer so he can gloat at me then that i have to go to work. First day of vacation and what do you do if you'r Maria? You clean and put stuff away so you can enjoy the rest of the vacation without wading through loads of clothes and other bits and bobs that have accumulated over the last few weeks on the floor! I dont get it, how can so much just linger around even though i try to put stuff away. It just seems to reappear just as quickly! I think i have found my suspect to all this but im not allowed to moan at him because he did the washing and was generally very good at the auction when i spent some money.. ;)

Im off into town in a while, going to check out how much a river cruise to Gagnef will cost. Mum was interested in going and asked if we wanted to come along. We might if it isnt too expencive. You go by boat to Borlänge, get transported in a vintage car through town and then get shipped up the river in a different boat and have a meal as well as coffee and cake or 'fika' as we swedes say. Fika means you have coffee and cake, or drink and cake, it doesnt really matter what you have to drink as long as there is something small to nibble on with it.

Im also going to go get our weddingpicture in the newspaper. And other bits to sort out, we still have all the Thank You cards to send out but cant do that untill i get the pictures back from the shop. What else was i going to do...? Oh im sure it will come to me once im in town. Oh yes, change my bank card! Well i'd better be off now, blog more later.

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