Thursday, June 12, 2003

I just signed in to blogger and got a surprise, the layout is different! It looks pretty and simple. Uhm, something just happend...wonder what. Oh well im sure it was just a little hickup. If this doesnt post i know it was something else serious!

For today there is work ahead for me in the afternoon. I've gone from liking working afternoons to dreading it. Maybe i am more of a morning person as to getting things done, i do that better if i have worked first and then have the afternoon off. For example, today, i have done nothing, nada, nill! Well i dont count ordinery household work like making the bed, doing the dishes and vacuuming. But still i had no energy and a headache that felt like a concrete helmet being pushed over my brow. Yumminess for the afternoon ahead. Maybe it is the weather since they promised on tv last night some thunderstorms. But havent been out so cant say if it is stuffy or just a bit cloudy.

I am going to take my weddingblog down. Now that im married and the stress levels are down to normal i think i can cope with just one blog. Today i got another letter stating that as being the new Mrs James Last i have to change my driving license. So it is off to take an ugly picture, they NEVER turn out alright, and send it off togheter with the payment slip of 150 kr. Got to have my bankcard changed as well and get a new passport ordered. But part from that i dont think i need to do anything else. Oh yes, i might go and spend some of OUR money on new things but im sure James will hold tightly onto them and not let me get too carried away! I at least went and had a quick look at new sofas at MIO (furniture shop) But i wasnt impressed with the fabrics you could chose from or the prices even though it said it was on sale i thought them to be way to expencive for us. We might take a trip to IKEA at the weekend but dont know yet. Since we got ourselves a little alottment that has to be taken care of as well this weekend if it doesnt pour down with rain. Will take some pictures before we clean it up and after when it is growing some potatoes, spinach, peas, dill, basil, onions and stuff like that on it. At least we get 2 rows of raspberries that are soon going into bloom. Hopefully they will give sweet fruit and not the sour old type!

I'd better be off for work now since im walking it, got my bike in the shop getting the backwheel fixed. Blog later!

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